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A High Price for an Effective Mission | Crash of an English Lancaster in the Netherlands

The warden of the Gelsenberg AG oil refinery is about to close his eyes for a few min- utes, when at 12:58 a.m. he is suddenly deafened by a mind-blowing bang. He sees the sky turn red and it takes him a few seconds, but then he realizes what is happen- ing. These are target marker bombs! The refinery is under attack! There’s nothing he can do. For the next hour 1,500 bombs fall on Gelsenberg AG.

DATE June 13, 1944
AIRCRAFT Lancaster B Mk 3 bomber
GROUP 1 Bomber Command
BASE Kirmington, Lincolnshire
DEPARTURE June 12, 1944, 10:15 p.m.
TARGET Gelsenberg AG, synthetic oil refinery in Gelsenkirchen/Horst
TIME OF CRASH June 13, 1944, 1:45 a.m.
LOCATION Near Smidsveen, Tongeren
CAUSE German night fighter

P/O Trevor W. Boyce (RNZAF) Sgt. Stanley Alldis
Sgt. Joseph B. Carter
F/O Andrew B. Leonard
F/O Maurice A. Monks
Sgt. Ian M. Ross
Sgt. Harold Rothwell

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  1. Flt Eng. Sgt Joseph Burnett Carter was my brother

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