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Luchtoorlog 1940-1945 Gemeente Epe

Eerste gesneuvelde vliegers | Crash van een AVRO Lancaster in Emst in 1942

Gevallen Helden Dit verhaal is  opgenomen in het boek Gevallen Helden – vliegtuigcrashes in de gemeente Epe.


Auteurs: Gerrit Kamphuis, Silvie Kamphuis Soort: Hardcover, met illustraties Afmetingen: 24x240x168 mm Pagina’s: 306 Prijs: € 17,95 Verzendkosten: €3,95




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George Fiddler, bomb aimer, has made sure that all the bombs are dropped on the designated site in Bremen. Now it is up to pilot Chips Holland to fly the bomber safely back home. They are hardly on their way when a German fighter, a Messerschmitt Bf 110, pops up behind them. Ober-Leutnant Manfred Meurer fires two long bursts and the Lancaster immediately bursts into flames. Holland orders his men to bail out and tries to level the airplane to make an emergency landing but there is nothing he can do. The aircraft quickly loses height and soon the treetops are at eye level. The people of Emst, in the east of the Netherlands, see the air burning and within sec- onds the Lancaster crashes to the ground behind a farmhouse. The debris is scattered over the meadows and the same goes for the bodies of the crew members. Just one of them makes it to the ground alive.

Date — September 14, 1942
Aircraft — AVRO Lancaster B Mk 1 bomber
Registration — W-4169
Squadron — 44th Rhodesian RAF
Code — KM-S
Group — 5th Bomber Command
Base– Waddington, Lincolnshire, England
Departure — September 14, 1942, 3:15 a.m.
Target — Focke Wulf Flugzeugbau in Bremen, Germany
Time of crash — July 7, 1941, 2:15 a.m.
Location — Behind ‘t Hinkel farmhouse, Nijbroekseweg in Emst, the Netherlands
Cause — Shot by a German night fighter

Crew F/O Christopher T. Holland (pilot, 80116)
Sgt. Alexander L. Goodyer (engineer, 777815)
F/Sgt. Robert E. Williams (navigator, 778447)
F/O Charles H. Lovegrove (upper turret gunner, 109919)
Sgt. Donald N. Huntley (wireless operator, 77675)
Sgt. Paul C. Murphy (tail gunner, 641455)
Sgt. George L. Fiddler (bomb aimer, R/83103)


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